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KINPODO collects many kinds of information (Personal Information) to provide the best services and products. We treat them with care based on Japanese Law relating to the Protection of Personal Information (個人情報の保護に関する法律), and make a reasonable effort to offer credibility and safety to our dearest customers. We also comply with other applicable laws regarding Personal Information, and execute appropriate handling of it.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
We acquire Personal Information appropriately, not by illicit means.

2. Usage of Personal Information
We use Personal Information for the purposes mentioned below. If we use Personal Information for any purpose other than mentioned below, we shall obtain prior consent of the person involved.

* All business regarding product information or any services incidental to it
* Offer of information regarding seminars, products and services
* Any performances regarding our services other than those above
* Recruitment

3. Security Control of Personal Information
We take necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention of divulgation, loss or damage and for the security control. Moreover, we properly discard Personal Information of rejected persons regarding recruitment.

4. Entrustment of Personal Information
If we entrust partial or whole Personal Information to third parties, we conduct a strict investigation on and monitor that third party for the security control. We may entrust Personal Information to third parties on partnership job performance such as consulting, application for privacy mark or ISMS.

5. Assignation of Personal Information to Third Parties
We never transfer or assign Personal Information to any third parties without consent of the person except required by public institutions.

6. Disclosure or Modification of Personal Information
If we are requested to disclose Personal Information by the person involved (Including recruit applicants), we promptly disclose it. Then, we do not comply with a request when we cannot confirm the person concerned.

7. Priority of Japanese and English Versions
The provisions of Privacy Policy is made both in Japanese and English, however the original of this provision shall be the one executed in the Japanese language and any other version shall be deemed as a translation, and shall not have legal force or effect.

8. Inquiry on Personal Information
If you have any question or request regarding Personal Information, please feel free to contact the following:
KINPODO Matsumoto Industry Co., Ltd.
* Email:
* Inquiry Form

Yours faithfully,
Masao Takeuchi
President and Representative Director