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We picked up some frequent asked questions.

Q. Is it possible to get a quotation right now?
A. Unlike paper printing, it will take several days for the quotation since Tins require calculations of materials.

Q. Which application should we use for submitting data?

A. Please submit by Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The version of Illustrator is applicable up to CS5 from 8.0.
Q. Is it okay to create data with CMYK colors?
A. Yes. However, please note that the price will not be colors of four. Tins require white ink on the basis, finishing varnish at the end, and wider surface requires more colors.

Q. I want plain Tin Boxes in stock.

We are afraid, but we cannot since we are a made-to-order manufacturer.
Four-color data is applicable
Four-color data is applicable
Q. Is it possible to calibrate colors at the stage of Tins?
A. Yes. You can compare both printed tin plates and manufactured Tins.

Q. Are we asked for the payment of metal mold?

A. You can choose from our existing metal molds. However, if you cannot find a desirable model, you may create a new mold which will require you an enormous cost.
Happy to calibrate!
Happy to calibrate!