KINPODO Matsumoto Industry Co., Ltd.


Address Tokyo Head Office
Shin-Okachimachi KM Bldg. 1-28-12 Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8630 Japan

Osaka Branch
I・S Minamimori-machi Bldg. 9F 2-6-5 Higashi-Temma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0044

Kyushu Office
1461-1 Befu, Higashitaku-machi, Taku-shi, Saga 846-0012

Representative President   Masao Takeuchi
TEL Overseas Department +81 3 3831 1199
Establishment May, 1905
Capital 100,000,000JPY
Description of Business Metal Container Manufacturer
Number of Employees 200
Factories Angyo Factory/ Shiga Factory/ Saga-Taku Factory
Associated Companies Shinden Engineering Co., Ltd. /KINPODO Transport Co., Ltd. / KINPODO Print Industry Co., Ltd.


1905 Itaro Matsumoto founded KINPODO Matsumoto Tin Manufacturing Factory in Shitaya-ku, Nishi-cho, at present Head Office site
1939 Rename to KINPODO Matsumoto Industry Co., Ltd.
1941 Productions of Tins of ship’s biscuits or cannonballs due to the designation of war factory
1943 Establishment of high order factory (Subsequently Kawagoe Factory) in Saitama Prefecture
1945 Introduced “Paper + Asphalt Tins”
1954 Ichiro Matsumoto took office as the second president.
Itaro Matsumoto took office as the chairman
1955 Construction of Kawaguchi Factory in Saitama Prefecture (Relocation from Kawagoe)
1956 Designation factory of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
1961 Patent application for Fumigated Tins
1963 Establishment of KINPODO Factory cooperative
1965 Establishment of KINPODO Print Industry Co., Ltd.
Completion of Tokyo Head Office
1966 Winning the chamber of commerce prize at the 17th Exports Packing Exhibition
1967 Winning the academy prize in praise of industrial contribution by International American Studies Association
Establishment of Hasuda Factory (Subsequently Daiichi Seikan Co., Ltd.)
1969 Establishment of Osaka Branch in Takatsuki, Osaka
Installation of Collection and Delivery Centre in Angyo, Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture
Establishment of Soka Factory in Soka, Saitama Prefecture
1971 Rellocation of Osaka Branch to Kita-ku, Osaka
1973 Shiga Factory begins operation
Acquisition of patent on Bent Tin Manufacturing
1981 Exhibition of Tokyo Harumi Packing Show
1984 Joint Exhibition of Tokyo Sweets Expo
1985 Reconstruction of Tokyo Head Office
1987 Establishment of KINPODO Transport Co., Ltd.
1988 New-model Shield Tin was produced
1993 Construction of the second factory in Angyo, Saitama
1995 Takuzo Matsumoto took office as the third president.
Ichiro Matsumoto took office as the chairman
2001 Acquisition of ISO 9001 certificate
2005 KINPODO celebrates 100th anniversary
KINPODO website was opened
2009 Masao Takeuchi took office as the fourth president.
Naoko Matsumoto took office as the chairman
2014 Construction of Saga-Taku Factory in Taku, Saga
Establishment of Kyushu Office
Construction of the second warehouse in Angyo, Kawaguchi
Establishment of Overseas Department
Exhibition of Hong Kong Mega Show 2014
2015 Exhibition of Hong Kong Mega Show 2015
2017 Exhibition of Kyushu 2017

Our Business Partners

Department stores, gifts, sweets, medicine, stationaries, general merchandise, fancy goods, clothing, cosmetics..
We have wide dealings with various companies.