KINPODO Matsumoto Industry Co., Ltd.


Shape Images

Tins below are sample images of the shape. All productions are by order, and abundant metal molds (Approx. 700 types) are available besides Tins below.

Plenty lineup of trays and bucket tins with handle. Please contact us for more details. Deformed Tins such as Wave, Film, Clover, Bone, Macaroon, Barrel, or Heart give a soft impression. Angular deformed tins: Deformed octagonal with roof lid, Regular octagonal, Octagonal with multi-sides, Soap, and Triangle
Basic round tins. Plenty sizes from flat to tubular tins are available.
*With or without toe of bead
*Height can be adjustable
*2-piece or 3-piece tin
*With or without stack lid
*Height can be adjustable
Bespoke plain tins. Suitable for small quantity order.
Basic angular tins.
*With or without stack lid
*With or without hinged lid
A method of bend-forming manufacture has been receiving good reviews. Abundant sizes mainly of hinged tins are available such as Mint Tin and Pencil Case.

※Various types are available besides above images such as badges, trays, cigarettes case, sliding case, or card case.

・Toe of bead: holds the lid, and enhances the strength of the body.
・Stack: a lid with roughness prevents from slipping when piling up Tins.