KINPODO Matsumoto Industry Co., Ltd.


Experience, Techniques, Know-How.. All for Customers

Thank you very much for your interest in our service. We, KINPODO has been creating various package containers with the use for more than 100 years.
Our made-to-order packages with skillful techniques and experience have good reputations from customers, and will absolutely meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

Work Flow

Our general work flow is described as follows.

1.VISIT Please feel free to contact us by email.
2.ARRANGEMENT We ask you about your requirements in order to offer you an ideal product.

Visit Our Showroom

Please come and see our showroom with approximately 5,000 kinds of Tins for your reference.

Submission of Sample Tin Box

We propose you several sample Tin Box in accordance with your requirement.

3.QUOTATION We quote a price depending on the lot, specification (materials, printing, or package) or delivery destination. Please note that it will take several days for the quotation.
DESIGN If you have trouble with the design, our designers are delighted to offer you total support for it. Design proposal will be by any of printed output paper, CG image or paper pasted dummy based on your request.
PRINTING Please place an order of product with the final specification.
Then the design data will be sent to print.
PROOFREAD Designated design will be made plates for printing and proofread. Then please check the proofread Tin Box.
MANUFACTURE (Material Arrangement/Printing/Processing) Tins are manufactured carefully one by one with our great quality control.
DELIVERY Our drivers deliver your manufactured Tins to designated FOB port with minute attention not to damage the products.